Title - Bio-Oxidation Technique to Control Air Pollution

Abstract - Bio oxidation is the biodegradation of dead plants and animals matter in the most basic and common form. Successful utilization of this naturally occurring process can be effectively used for controlling air pollution. Bio oxidation is a biological air pollution control technology which implies biochemical destruction of pollutants from a contaminated air stream through activities of microorganism immobilized on a solid media. This is especially true for organic compounds but certain microbes also can consume inorganic compounds such as hydrogen sulphides, nitrogen oxides. Bio oxidation systems work by providing an environment for bacteria and fungi to grow and proliferate into massive biofilm and waterborne cultures that utilize the gas phase hydrocarbons (& organic particulates) as food for metabolism and growth. Bio oxidation is a ‘green process’, whereas the traditional approaches are not. Combusting any fuel will generate oxides of nitrogen(NOx), particulate matter, sulphur dioxide(SO2) and carbon monoxide(CO). Bio reactants usually do not generate these pollutants or any hazardous pollutants. Products of biooxidation consuming hydrocarbons are water and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Title - Tracing Carbon

Abstract - The research work will put a light on the Carbon as never seen before in the last few decades its growing concern all around the world its role as greenhouse gas. How it is responsible for increase in global temperature .The measures that can help us to reduce emission of Carbon into the environment .The carbon footprint that is matter of concern in the developed countries and its policy. The future if Carbon emission is not controlled The poster shall explain all the above mentioned issues in a simplistic language and yet in detail The posture shall include comprehensive details about Carbon as an issue of caution its emission and footprint in the environment and what measures should be taken to reduce its emission.