Title - Meditron Roboital

Abstract - Meditron roboital is a new concept where biomedical and electronics field hybrid to generate new project. The vital role performs by Japan to develop easy and feasible medical field. Now a days because of the increase in the pollution which adversely affected ecosystems causes human life to suffer from many diseases. In short patient are increasing day by day but the hospitals are limited. In hospitals nurse are not available to the patient as well as doctor all the time .one more thing if the patient is suffering from viral disease like AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) and bacterial disease like 3rd stage TB(TUBERCLOSIS) OR CANCER patient the nurse doesn’t like to work for them. Solution can be achieved by using the robot in the hospitals which will acts as a nurse to the doctor and patient also. As the robot will be not affected by any viral and bacterial disease it can do work for that disease holder also without any problem. This synopsis consisted of problems and their solution with new technique.

Title - 5-fingered prosthetic arm for clenching and pinching

Abstract - The aim of this project is to mainly help those suffering from rheumatoid arthrtis in carrying out daily activities such as lifting or picking objects by clenching and pinching actions. The project can be made in two ways by making use of two principles : IR sensors or proximity sensors and Electromyography, the latter being the main principle in thi case. With major advantages like cost effectiveness and user friendliness, the Five Fingered Prosthetic Arm can be modified further hence giving it a tremendous future scope

Existing technology in current market -
  • The BeBionic prosthetic arm, which debuted in 2012, is one of the most advanced arms on the market today.
  • It places sensors on the skin which, in conjunction with microprocessors in the arm itself, detect muscle movement from the remaining portion of the biological arm and translate patterns of movements into 14 different grips. This range of grips allows the user to grip a pen, type on a keyboard, hold keys or credit cards, wave, tie shoelaces, shake hands, and other tasks.
  • At $25,000 - $35,000 this arm is relatively expensive.
  • So inspite of the wide use of the BeBionic arm we find that it is very expensive and not everyone having a problem as common as hand arthritis can afford it. Hence the Five Fingered Prosthetic Arm is a cost effective replacement.