Ideas by Category

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Chemical Engineering

  • Use of Polymer Nano Composites for Gas Sensing Applications
  • Green Chemistry
  • 'Ready-to-eat-food' - New Technique
  • Alternatives to Azodyes
  • Use of Ultrafiltration membrane for surface water treatment
  • Cooling Tower Design
  • Extraction of Olive Oil by advanced methods like RSM
  • Water Soluble Plastics
  • Optimized Technique to produce SO3 gas in sulfuric acid manufacturing plant
  • Top level Synthesis of three gemini betaine surfactants and their surface active properties for better use case


  • Use of Raspberry PI to Manage Traffic for Smart Roads

Natural resources and Energy

  • Evaluating The Effect Of Conservation On Residential Water Demand
  • Optimize Use of Power using Nano Technology
  • Pertol From Waste Plastic
  • Fluide Extraction
  • Cost analysis and the feasibility of producing fuel from plastic wastes
  • Hydraulic Ram based Micro hydro generator with Pumping and Maintenance through GSM
  • Comparative Study of Bioremediation of Crude Oil by Bacillus Subtilis and Organic Substances
  • Production of BioFuel from Microalgae
  • Integration of Solar Energy to Build Modern GreenHouses in India

Healthcare and Medical

  • Electroconvulsive Therapy
  • Device To Detect Glucose Level From a normal breath (Breathlyzer)
  • CRISPR-Cas9 - Gene editing technique
  • Nanotechnology and Spectroscopy for aiding health services in India
  • Nanoparticles for Delivery Systems
  • Use of Nanotechnology for RNA engineering


  • Meditron Roboital
  • 5-fingered prosthetic arm for clenching and pinching


  • Economical - Zero Liquid Discharge of a Textile Unit


  • EMG Controlled BOT
  • Microchips for Drug Delivery
  • Nano Technology for Drug Delivery System
  • Synthesis and Biological Activity of Novel Hererocyclic Derivatives

Air Pollution and Controls

  • Bio-Oxidation Technique to Control Air Pollution
  • Tracing Carbon

Computer Technology

  • Brain-Computer Interfaces


  • Design and construction of a prototype of BioDome Ecosystem that enables the interactions of various organisms
  • Splitting of water molecules using photocatalysts
  • Removal of Volatile organic compounds by biofiltration
  • Water conservation, sustainability of water (removal of pollutants and monitoring methods for the future of water distribution systems)
  • Utilization of biochar derived from various materials for bio-filtration purposes

Other Ideas

  • Smart City - Use Of Renewable Energy
  • Smoke Detector using Non-Flamable Fluid
  • 3D Bio Printing Technique
  • New Heat Exchanger Design
  • Train Management System - solving local train problems in Mumbai
  • Solar power Grass Trimmer
  • Improvements to Gaming Technique
  • Using used-cooking oil as a bio-lubricants
  • Unique way to produce Alcoholic Beverages(Vodka)