Title - Smart City - Use Of Renewable Energy

Abstract - Global Warming is among the most alarming issues our environment faces today. And climate change due to global warming is the main reason behind food and water shortage. Every year of the 21st century has been hotter than the year before. Carbon Dioxide levels have increased by 34% since the industrial revolution in the 1700's. Thus with our poster we bring forth ideas that will make use of renewable energy sources which will help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

Title - Smoke Detector using Non-Flamable Fluid

Abstract - The main objective is to detect a fluid, which is not flammable for a smoke detector. The smoke components are compressed in a can. A photo-electric smoke detector is used . Propellant is the key component of this study. So, the selection of a proper propellant is the most important aspect. It should be cheap , easily available, & have a moderate volatility. The working is similar to the one of an aerosol can. As a substitute, it can be carried out in a plastic bottle as well.. The propellant needs to be compressed in the can. The previously used fluids were flammable, and hence not adjustable in a chemical Industry. Hence, an attempt was made to come up with a non-flammable fluid that was suitable for a smoke detector.

Title - 3D Bio Printing Technique

Abstract - Bioprinting technology shows potential in tissue engineering for the fabrication of scaffolds, cells, tissues and organs reproducibly and with high accuracy. Bioprinting technologies are mainly divided into three categories, inkjet-based bioprinting, pressure-assisted bioprinting and laser-assisted bioprinting, based on their underlying printing principles. These various printing technologies have their advantages and limitations. Bioprinting utilizes biomaterials, cells or cell factors as a “bioink” to fabricate prospective tissue structures. Biomaterial parameters such as biocompatibility, cell viability and the cellular microenvironment strongly influence the printed product. Various printing technologies have been investigated, and great progress has been made in printing various types of tissue, including vasculature, heart, bone, cartilage, skin and liver. This review introduces basic principles and key aspects of some frequently used printing technologies. We focus on recent advances in three-dimensional printing applications, current challenges and future directions.

Title - Improvements to Gaming Technique

Abstract - Text Adventures games are role-playing games (RPG) or Multi-User Dungeon(MUD) games that use text characters and written challenges to advance your avatar in the games. These can be played on your web browser or through an app on your smartphone.

While playing these games is fun, making your own quest feels even better! You don’t need a degree in advanced graphics or game development software to create a text adventure game. But you do need to pick up a programming language and write some rudimentary code to create your Superhero, Supervillian and your own gamedom. You can get stuck on some programming pain points while letting your creativity fly free.

Our inventor has some cool programming tricks up the sleeves to fix these pain points and give you a smooth ride through developing your very own text-based adventure. And the better designed your game is, the better experience it is for the players. This programming tool makes the development phase a constructive activity for the novice developers.

Title - Unquie way to produce Alcoholic Beverages(Vodka)

Abstract - The prime objective of our project was to find out and describe the production of ethanol from potatoes and explore using another fed for the production of ethanol from cellulose. This review also provides background to questions such as why people consume alcohol. Who consumes it, how much and when. We focused on technical details and creating a process that results in desired specifications without regard for any cost or efficiency.

Despite distillation and multiple filtering, it is not possible to produce 100 % ethanol. The solution with a minimum ethanol content of 96 %, which is used to produce vodkas, also contains trace amounts of other compounds such as, esters, aldehydes, higher alcohols, methanol, acetates, acetic acid and fuel oil. Regarding that fact, it is very important to carry on research on the analysis of the composition and verifying the authenticity of the produced vodkas. This paper summarizes the studies of vodka composition and verifying the authenticity and detection of falsified products. It also includes the methods for analyzing vodkas, such as: using gas, ion and liquid chromatography coupled with different types of detectors, electronic nose, electronic tongue, conductivity measurements, isotope analysis, and atomic absorption spectroscopy, near infrared spectroscopy, spectrofluorometry and mass spectrometry. In some cases, the use of chemo metric methods and preparation techniques were also described.

Through this process of making vodka we have attempted to make a beverage which is practically consumable through a dilution process. This project has no comparison to the vodka which is manufactured in the industries at a commercial level rather this is just an attempt of making a beverage which is easily produced by a simple method.

Title - New Heat Exchanger Design

Abstract - Heatexchangers are the equipments used to exchange the heat between hot and cold fluid stream. They involve heat transfer either by conduction-convection or by radiation mode. Plate type heat exchangers are used where large heat transfer area is required. As it is very compact in size, absence of inter leakage of fluids is achieved. Also these are relatively effective with viscous fluids with viscosity about 25-300 kg/m.s.

No plug point is required for electricity supply, maximum floor area required for prototype - 1feet and square material preferrably Aluminum required to construct the plate

Title - Using used-cooking oil as a bio-lubricants

Abstract - Lubricants are substances having a 3-fold purpose. They help reduce friction, prevent wear and tear of the surfaces in mutual contact and provide a protective coating for corrosion resistance. Apart from these obvious functions, it may also serve as a medium for transmission of force, transporting foreign particles or heating or cooling of surfaces. In this paper we shall be dealing with bio-based lubricants, their advantages over synthetic lubricants and methods to increase their feasibility for use in industries including a general cost analysis. Bio-lubricants, or bio-lubes are made from vegetable oils, primarily rapeseed, canola, sunflower, soybean and others. Bio-lubes have a lot of advantages over synthetic ones such as:

  • Providing a cleaner, toxic-free work environment.
  • Biodegradable, and hence, nature-friendly
  • Offers better safety due to higher flash point and lesser vapour emissions.

The disadvantages of Bio-lubes are, higher viscosity at lower temperatures and poor oxidative stability. In this paper, we have analysed ways of eliminating these disadvantages by addition of certain chemicals. The focus of the project is re-using used cooking oil as a bio-lubricant which offers considerable cost savings. Another major advantage of this process is that it prevents the used oil from being re-used for cooking processes, thereby eliminating the risk of health hazards associated with the same.

Title - Solar based Grass Trimmer

Abstract - The idea to use the abundantly available solar power in a very unique method for reducing human efforts in a Garden/Park. This concept explains how technology can be used to reduce human efforts as well as to efficiently utilize renewable sources of energy. A detailed documentation of a Solar Powered Gardner has been made A Solar grass cutter is a machine that uses sliding blades to cut a lawn at an even length.Even more sophisticated devices are there in every field. Power consumption becomes essential for future. Solar grass cutter is a very useful device which is very simple in construction. It is used to maintain and upkeep lawns in gardens, schools, college’s etc.We have made some changes in the existing machine to make its application easier at reduced cost. Our main aim in pollution control is attained through this. Unskilled operation can operate easily and maintain the lawn very fine and uniform surface look

Title - Train Management System - solving local train problems in Mumbai

Abstract - Our project is “THE TRAIN MANAGEMENT”. We base these problems by observing and travelling through local train.

The first problem which faced by the passengers is “CROWD”. As you know when passengers are waiting for the local train they are totally unaware about the crowd of that train. But what happen if you already know the how many passengers are travelling in coach. For this, first we will count the passengers seated in the coach and after completing the count the data will send to the next platform. And thus, we will execute the number of passengers in the coach via the LCD.

'From this we will aware the passengers about the crowd of the train'

The second is 'EMERGENCY SWITCH' presently if any emergency is occurred passengers will pull the chain to stop the train but it doesn’t specify what exactly emergency is happen. For this we place four switches that will specify about the emergency like medical emergency is occurred, then passenger will switch On the 1st switch and thus it will display out via the LCD at the platform and thus it will inform that medical emergency is happen and be ready with the medical facility.

'From this we ensure the security of the passengers'

The third one is 'energy consumption' it's not about the problem but about the careless behaviour of passengers. there were many times the passengers are forget to switch OFF the fan. That’s why we are using the PIR sensor to switch ON/OFF the fan.

'From this we can control fan by automatic and it consumes power'

The fourth is “this is not the regular problem but sometime in the winter season when there is the excess amount of the fog is present then it will dangers to train for collision to any big object. For this we will use ultrasonic module to detect the obstacle and display it out on the LCD.

'From this we will avoid the collision with the help of ultrasonic module.'