Title - Use of Raspberry PI to Manage Traffic for Smart Roads

Abstract - Traffic congestion is a growing problem worldwide causing time/fuel waste, pollution and even stress. In Indian road-traffic, the problems like congestion, unpredictable travel time are taking a serious shape which is also chaotic and noisy. In order to prevent the loss of electricity in street lights which is unnecessarily used, we deploy light sensors and motion sensors which can minimize the wastage of electricity. Various approaches have been proposed to reduce traffic jams. Recently, researchers have started to employ connected vehicle technology which is difficult to implement on roads. In this project, we present a low cost innovative technology for smart roads. We are implementing “Smart traffic” by using ultrasonic sensors, light sensors, camera. This project mainly works on the main hardware “Raspberry PI” it just works on the input of 5v supply. Ultrasonic sensors are used in different lanes to detect if there is high traffic or no, when there is normal traffic in both lane, signal will work on normal time implemented to give red and green signal. When it detects that traffic in one lane is higher than it will give green signal to that lane and red signal to other lane.

At the time when the traffic in both lane is high than it works like normal only. As discussed about saving electricity we have deployed LDR sensors and IR based obstacle detector to control of street lights. LDR will detect whether there is day or light as according to it, IR sensor will detect vehicle and lights will turn ON.USB camera is used to still photos by clicking the switch, 5 pictures are stilled at 1 click.